Steam Cleaner - High Alkalinity Water Softener

Product ID: 1830 PK

This is a high alkalinity professional-grade water softener, formulated with a special blend of surfactants and detergents to quickly remove grease, fats, oils, grime, dirt and sludge from metals, concrete and painted surfaces. Water softening ingredients contribute controlled sudsing and superior performance, even in hard water. With excellent cleaning ability it is ideal for purging wheel wells and undercarriages Best when used with hot water or a steam cleaner, it can be used to degrease heavy equipment, engines, third wheels and joints, and to remove paint and debris from surfaces prior to painting.

Available In: 1 Gal. Jug, 5 Gal. Bucket or 55 Gal. Drum,

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Steam Cleaner 1830 PK
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